SSC NEW ROUTINE 2022 . Exam is going to start from 19th June 2022 soon. So many people are confused about where to find the right routine. On my website you will find the exact 100% perfect SSC Final 2022 exam routine. This year millions of candidates are going to take the exam in SSC 2022 this year who now need a proper and accurate routine. At the same time, examinations will start on the same day in nine boards of Bangladesh. They are ,SSC NEW ROUTINE 2022.







1: Barisal Board

2: Chittagong Board

3: Comilla Board

4: Dhaka Board

5: Dinajpur Board

6:  Jessore Board

6:  Mymensingh  Board

6:  Rajshahi  Board

9: Sylhet Board

exam is a test that students are most worried about because it is the last test of their school life. Also depending on this result whether they will get a chance in a good college or in a good category there. E.g., .Science . Arts . Commerce

And the importance of this result is immense in getting future chances in varsity. That is why there is no end to the worries of students about SSC final exams. That’s why they need to study according to a good quality plan, they need proper and accurate examination routine. Which is on our website





So friends, you should still remove all the tension and study with a boy’s mind and your final exam is going to start in a few days. Although it is not certain whether the exam routine will change but you can assume that this is the final routine of the exam. If there is ever a change in the test routine, you must find the updated news of the changed routine on our website.

ssc routine update news

The SSC exams are regular every year but the last two years have been a bit irregular due to the Karna situation. And because of that the students are in a dilemma whether to change the exam routine or not. But the routine given on our website is very accurate and the date, time and test subjects mentioned here are correct. routine down lode link That’s why you can trust and rely on routine. Many students are worried about Corona. This is our first batch of exams. That is why our books may be difficult to see. Again, many people think that we will be tested in the new rules. so none of these will be tested in the normal way and the test book will be seen. So friends, now you should not worry, just follow our routine and read carefully, just a few days.

official website link All students are informed that 2022 SSC Final Examination will be held from 19th June 2022 to 6th July 2022. .Examine start date 19 Jan 2022 .End end of exam 6 Jan 2022 Examination time is from 10 am to 11:30 am. One and a half hours during SSC final examination . So friends, if you know all the rules and regulations of the exam, now there are some suggestions for you

So They are, .You will arrive at the test center one hour before the test. Admit card, registration card, pen, pencil scale and all the necessary checks before leaving the house. Also take water bottle and necessary items  required .After receiving the answer sheet,  roll number.  registration number, subject code checked and filled in well. After receiving the question paper, it  read carefully several times


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