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Honors board challenge result 2022. Are you looking for honors board challenge result. It means Honors First Year Second Year Second Year Final Year Result. All those students who cannot pass the exam after the official result is published. But they failed their exams for some reason. Then they challenge the board. A student can challenge the board in more than one subject at a time. The result is published within 45 days after the scheduled time of Board Challenge National University. board challenge result 2022.

So let’s talk about your nu board challenge result. The rules that you need to know to see board challenge results discussed below.

Honors Board Challenge Result

Honors Board Challenge Result means the result that is obtained through the challenge . However, board challenge result does not mean that all have passed. Only those students who fail in the examination for any reason after giving good examination declared as done. Every year, thousands of students challenge the board in any exam result of National University. It can be seen how confusion is created among all about the results of the board challenge. Where to find the board challenge results. If you are looking for board challenge result then there is no reason to worry. There is good news for you that rule will be shown to you on our top result bd website. Read the full article below and you will know the rules.

Bord challenge Result Ki Vabe Dekhbo?

Let’s see how the board challenge results. It being searched on Google on various social media and websites. But you will never get the correct information by typing it and searching. If you search board challenge result then many websites will come in front of you. But now we talking about which one is the right website and the result can seen very easily. You can see the result both online and offline with your mobile phone. To see the result you first need to search from google chrome millet board challenge result along with your session and academic year.

How to check Honors board Challenge result 2022 Online?

So how to see honor board challenge results online. I will tell you today very easily. To see the result, first of all you need to know your academic year, your honors year and your roll registration number. On the official website, the results of the board challenge updated only for those who can pass. So let me teach you how to challenge the board today. Honors can see first year second year third year final year results. 

Honors board challenge result


  •  First, off all you go to the official website 
  • Official website link here
  • Then select your year 
  • Then give all info roll Reg Ect…
  • Then exam year
  • Click search result Button


How to check By SMS Honors board Challenge result 2022 

If you want, you can know the lens result in honors course through SMS with your mobile phone. But you need to know the right rules for this. When you send an SMS, you will be notified of the result through a replay SMS. You can see it from Bangla SIM company operator. I will now tell you the correct rules for sending SMS. The formula for sending SMS will remain the same only you need to change your academic year. go to your phone new message and below under through step.

  • At first type NU,
  • Then Type H1/H2/H3/H4 (for first year),
  • Then give your honors Roll Number,
  • Finally, send to 16222 number.

Honors Result Grading System and Details

Many people confused about the honors result and no grading system. How will the grading system after the results published? No grade from how many marks to how many marks. You may have got the results but now you don’t understand your greatness. Today I will explain to you in a very simple way. From now on you will never have to worry about the grading system again. The good news for you is that I have given the complete chart below so you can understand it very easily.

Honors board challenge result


I hope you have got complete information about Honors admission result. In this article of mine I have discussed a lot better. So friends, if you have any questions, please comment. And don’t forget to share if you like the article. Don’t forget to understand about the honors board challenge results.