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Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTB)
Immediately after partition in British India in 1947, giving opportunity to technical education and training to Bangladesh in East Pakistan was very inadequate. As a result, there was a great lack of skilled manpower in the economic activities taken at the time. After facing this shortfall, technical education and training facilities are provided for development and expansion.
So, later, the governor of trade, labor and industry department established a board called “East Pakistan Board of Technical Education for Technical Education”. In 1954, an executive order video called Geo No. 188-IND Training and Regulation of Graduates of Technical and Vocational Institutes on 27.15.44 and award certificates
In 1960, the Department of Technical Education was established for the development of technical and vocational education. The Directorate of Technical Education started the rapid development and expansion of the Technical Degree, Diploma and Commerce level technical education of the country.
In order to cope with the increasing levels of academic activity, it felt deeply needed to establish a “statutory board”. Under the law, a statutory body “Technical Education of East Pakistan” was established. The first of 1967 in the East Pakistan Legislative Assembly, now Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTV)
In this way, the Bangladesh Technical Education Board came into being in the field of establishment, supervision, control, control and development of technical and vocational education over the entire region of Bangladesh. The current generation board has become effective since 1962.

  • The constitution of the board
    The governing authority of the president board of Bangladesh The condition of the regulatory authority related to the board is similar to the University Chancellor.
  • Board is made as follows:
    The chairman is appointed by the regulatory authority, he is acting as a full-time officer of the board.
  • Ex-Members
    Technical Education Director General
    Director General of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
    Director, BT, Gazipur
    Principal, Technical Teacher Training College, Dhaka.
  • Nominated members
    A person nominated by the National Council of Technical Education.
    BUET Vice Chancellor or a professor nominated by him
    The three principals of the polytechnic and monotechnical institute nominated by the Ministry of Education.
    Four eminent persons interested in technical education nominated by the regulatory authority
  • Activities
    The main function of the board is:
    Guidelines for determining the course
    Arrange to develop learning materials
    To affiliate, authorize or prevent affiliates, to grant approval
    Filling and determining the terms of the transfer or governance of students
    To determine the method of inspection and procedure
    For the education system / activities for monitoring education
    To manage and control the test, assess performance and publish its results
    Diploma / certificates issued till graduation passed
    For mediation or management of teachers and management of the concerned organization;
    Regulation and disposal of

all administrative matters including the elimination and elimination of BTEB’s terms;
To meet the needs and to accept the fees determined by regulation;
Escape and manage and manage and institute and award scholarships and medal prizes.
To achieve other education / activities and issues such as organizational restrictions, supervision, control, management and technical education can be considered for the purpose of development.
To simplify the responsibilities of the Board, the chairman has three sections to complete the task.
The functions of each section are as follows:
This section is managed by a secretary. He is also responsible for the drawing and distribution of the board and all the administrators. Keeping records of the expenses, preservation and preservation of the board’s budget, preparation of the annual budget of the Board for approval and submission of the appointment letter, leave payment etc. for the appointment of employees. In addition to this he called all the boards of the committee and is determined by the chairman / board and when any other activity is performed. A secretary to the secretary, an assistant secretary, account officer for smooth operation of a assistant wing, a registration officer and thirty-five staff assistants.
A director is headed by Curriculum Wing, who is responsible for development, evaluation and new curriculum for various approved and approved courses. He is responsible for preparing appropriate teaching materials and preparing various technical field books, preparation of educational rules and revision, inspection of approved institutions, and evaluation of academic programs, examination of all cases of equality and quality of conveyance and any other carry. Responsibilities given by the Chairman / Board of the Curriculum Program of the Board of Curriculum are small print-cum-breeding chapters. The director is assisted by a Deputy Director (research), an evaluation officer, three curriculum expert, a documentation officer, a press manager and twenty one supporting staff.
The director is responsible for the research work of the newly established research cell of the curriculum board and the production of text books in various textbooks of the board under an approved project. The CPSC and Unesco UNEVOC’s activities offer academic support when the Board of Curriculum is held on Board.
The Board Examination Department is managed by the test controller, who is responsible for the arrangement and management of the approved course examinations at the approved centers. He oversees the appointment of the Chief Examination. Record for question paper printing, examination of related papers and examination scripts, test results, disciplinary activities related to examinations, performance of rules, publication of results, sending of Mark Sheets and certificates, preservation, preservation and preservation etc. Calling for a meeting of the test controller examinations, taking disciplinary action against the concerned candidates and responsible for carrying out other duties and responsibilities set by the chairman / board. He has two deputy controllers, three assistant controllers and fifteen supporting supporters.